Cake Flavors


Cake Flavors


The Classics


Raspberry Delight

Chocolate Cake with rich chocolate buttercream and sweet fresh raspberries.

White on White

White cake layered with  vanilla butterceam and fresh blueberries throughout.


Decadent chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. 


Party Pizzaz


Chocolate Toffee Crunch

Dense chocolate cake, espresso buttercream and toffee pieces throughout.

A Grand Afternoon

Moist white cake with layers of raspberry preserve, fresh raspberries, and a layer rich cheesecake in the center. Masked in a Swiss Buttercream.

Not So Fruit Tart

Almond cake, raspberry preserve, assorted fresh berries and Swiss Buttercream

Lemon Raspberry

Light lemon cake filled wit a lemon curd, fresh raspberries and masked in a raspberry buttercream.

Forever Ferrero

Chocolate cake with exquisite nutella buttercream,Crushed Ferrero Rocher  and drizzled ganache.


White cake with a thin layer of raspberry preserve,  Raspberry Mousse and masked in our house made peanut butter buttercream.*All crust is removed!

A Reason to Celebrate!

Moist white cake with layers of fresh raspberries and champagne buttercream.

Almond Joy

Chocolate Cake with a rich coconut and almond filling. Masked in a creamy chocolate buttercream.

Strawberry Basil

White cake paired with a fresh strawberry basil filling, masked in a champagne buttercream.

Blackberry Marscapone

Vanilla cake with a honey marscapone filling, fresh blackberries and light buttercream mask.


Dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla bean buttercream and Oreo pieces throughout.


Pastry Menu

Pastry Menu

Specialty Pastry Menu



French Cupcakes

Cake in a “Mason Jar”


Custom Design Sugar Cookies

French Macarons

Meringue Clouds

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Decadent Chocolate Fudge

Assorted Tarts

Fresh Fruit Tarts


*Special Requests are Available






Wedding and Event Price Information

Call us for custom pricing. 

Elopement packages start at $250.

Events start at $500.00



Delivery and Set-Up Fee-

Is determined on a case by case scenario. In store pick-up is not available for weddings.